Knowledge Solutions for Social and Environmental Development


We provide consulting services for designing, implementing, and evaluating e-learning strategies, programs, and projects, and develop the required courses and resources to achieve their objectives.


We offer our products and services to international agencies, governments, public and private institutions, and civil society organizations working in social and environmental development, so they can achieve their objectives and impact people’s lives.

We are multidisciplinary and multicultural team, integrated by members with work experience and demonstrated performance in the IDBx program, the online learning initiative of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) in edX, which is now part of BIDAcademy.

Our knowledge solutions change, improve, and optimize knowledge, skills, attitudes, behaviors, and practices of individuals and teams, so they can be more effective to achieve their objectives.

Consulting Services

Our online courses increase the capacity of individuals, teams, and organizations to address their development challenges.

Online Courses

Our online courses increase awareness and common understanding of critical social and environmental issues, facilitating consensus and decision-making among key stakeholders.

e-Learning Resources

Our consulting services and online courses support our target audiences in the formulation, implementation and evaluation of strategies, policies, programs, and projects to face their social and environmental challenges.

Our Promise

  • The core of the ESS team is integrated by former members of the IDBx team with demonstrated experience and satisfactory performance in the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).
  • ESS manages all the aspects of the course development process including  coordination and administration of all external vendors and providers. As a result, the client team does not have to worry about administrative arrangements, contracts, payments, and quality control for products and services provided by multiple vendors, freeing up time of the client team to focus on its core priorities.
  • ESS implements good practices in e-learning courses focused on the audience, like the Quality Matters Rubric, with the objective to ensure alignment among learning objectives, learning activities, assessments, content, and technologies. Another quality criterion is the focus on accessibility for learning resources. We can also implement specific guides or criteria in the client’s organization such as the gender and diversity guide, corporate branding, and other reference guides.
  • ESS implements an agile process for developing online courses to speed up their delivery. Our objective is to provide timely, tailored, and innovative solutions to our client’s needs.
  • ESS designs and develops e-learning courses based on the best practices of instructional design to promote participant engagement and a sound cost-benefit analysis in the selection of learning methodologies, resources, pathways, content, and educational technology.
  • We design, develop, and deliver e-learning courses in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Our consulting services, online courses, and learning resources facilitate the interaction among development practitioners, the exchange of lessons learned and best practices, as well as the creation and expansion of networks and communities of practice.

Our Core Team

We combine our expertise with partners and providers around the world to offer all the solutions our clients need at every step of the way.

Our expertise: Knowledge Management, Project Management, Instructional Design, Multimedia Production, EdTech & other Digital Technologies, Data Analytics, Communication, Change Management, and Impact Evaluation.

Areas of expertise:

Management of e-learning programs & projects; knowledge management; change management for transforming knowledge into action; impact evaluation of e-learning.


Edgar González

Areas of expertise:

Instructional design and EdTech; transformation of complex data, information, and knowledge into user-friendly and engaging learning experiences.


Marie Reid

Areas of expertise:

Design and development of learning experiences in face-to-face, blended, and online training modalities; training needs assessment.


Pablo Olguín

Areas of expertise:

Teaching and learning in digital environments; management of e-learning programs & projects.

Sara Segundo

Areas of expertise:

Multimedia production; management of e-learning programs & projects; organizational communication.

Osvaldo Burgos

Areas of expertise:

Design, implementation, and evaluation of communication campaigns; learning content production; organizational communication; design and development of communication materials.

Beatriz Velasco

Areas of expertise:

Management of e-learning programs & projects; organizational communication; learning and communication content production for public policy.


Astrid García

Areas of expertise:

Organizational leadership and management; management of e-learning programs & projects; organizational processes and systems.

Lino Lorenzón

Areas of expertise:

Management of e-learning programs & projects;  agile project management; evaluation of online learning; online community management, EdTech & other digital technologies

Luciana Pereira

Areas of expertise:

Interactive and immersive multimedia production, e-learning integration, video and new media production and animation, graphic and UserExperience / UserInterface (UX/UI) design and development, data analysis and business intelligence visualization, EdTech & other digital technologies; digital platforms for e-learning.


Carlos Macher

Areas of expertise:

Training needs assessment; competency-centered learning design; learning content production; learning trends research.

Fernanda Silva

Areas of expertise:

E-learning experience design (LX Design); qualitative research; qualitative content analysis; networked learning; online community management; formative feedback; management of e-learning programs & projects; graphic design.

Denisse López

ESS offer knowledge solutions to support your organization’s efforts in the upskilling and reskilling required to booster capacity development and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).